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This is a Call to Action to stop the closure!

Anchorage Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson is considering a Month-long CLOSURE of INDOOR DINING and BARS effective Monday, November 23, and lasting until December 21st.

She is accepting comments concerning the proposed closure.

This is a Call-to-Action from Cook Inlet CHARR to stop the closure!

PLEASE send e-mails today explaining the short-term and long-term adverse effects and consequences Ms. Quinn-Davidson’s order will have on your life, family, commerce, tourism, and the viability of Anchorage and its hospitality industry in the future.

Her e-mail address is

We need to inundate her with genuine, legitimate comments from Anchorage residents so the sentiment is loud and clear NOT to issue this arbitrary and unnecessary Municipal order.

If you are a bar/restaurant/hotel manager, owner or staff member, be sure to let her know the dire results this closure could have on your job and establishment. If you’re someone who would be affected at a business or lifestyle-level (vendor; service provider), let her know!

Your message doesn’t have to be long and complicated, just succinct.

Thank you!!!

Darwin’s Theory

Anchorage can't afford it.

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